Sunday, May 22, 2005

NRA Nation

I want to start out this blog with a simple point about the Republican right-wing. What the right-wing wants is an NRA nation, a country where an activist 10-20% can dominate the government as a result of their intense commitment to remaining in power. The activist right is not even a majority of the Republican party, but is able to dominate the Republicans. The right is better organized, more committed to their cause, and better connected to the media and business than their moderate or traditional conservative opposition in the Republican Party. As a result, the right-wingers win most of the intramural fights within the Republican caucus. At the same time, the Republican right is also able to drive the Republican party to victory over the Democrats in national elections. Now what the right wing is trying to do is to overcome the inertia of the checks and balances system in order to get their policies adapted and their judges in place. Then, the right-wing will seek to wrap themselves in checks and balances to keep those policies in place. It's just the NRA. Eighty percent of the population has supported gun control for decades, but the U. S. does not have effective gun control because the NRA is able to keep the other 20% fully mobilized. In the same way, the Republican right only has support from 10 to 20% of the voting public. But they want to be able to use the American political process to dominate the vast majority of the population.


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