Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Permanent Base for Global Terrorists

Last week Newsweek reported that "Iraq is producing a new corps of master terrorists with an incandescent hatred for the United States." They should have added that Iraq will be producing well-trained and highly motivated terrorists for a long time to come. The Sunni-based insurgency will be with us for years. Haven't Rush Limbaugh and the right-wingers been saying that we can expect the insurgency to last seven years? And I think Donald Rumsfeld was saying that insurgencies could last up to twelve years a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, the insurgency will be on its "last legs" for twelve years. But really, there is NO current prospect that the insurgency will end. What the Bush administration hopes is that the Shiite-based Iraqi government will be strong enough to fight the insurgency without 140,000 American troops after three or four years. However, that's ignoring that fact that the Sunni insurgency against the Shiite "apostates" and their American supporters will still serve as an excellent training ground for global terrorist recruits. Creating a permanent base for global terrorists--just another dimension of the monumental disaster that the Bush administration has created through their invasion of Iraq.


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