Wednesday, July 06, 2005

When will War Supporters Take Responsibility

The War in Iraq has become such a disaster that those who originally supported the war really need to take stock. Polls indicate that the process of re-evaluation has already gone a long way. I believe that a majority of the American population now believes that the war wasn't worthwhile. Likewise, there's a few Republicans like Tucker Carlson and Walter Jones who are engaged in a public re-thinking. But we need more. It's clear that the Bush administration engaged in a broad campaign of deception to promote the invasion, that the Bush administration was completely unprepared for the occupation, and that the Bush administration still hasn't come up with a successful policy for dealing with the insurgency. At best, Iraq is going to be an unstable banana republic with a permanent insurgency that doubles as a training ground for global terrorism. It's time for people of good conscience on the right to admit they were wrong and press the political class (the Bush administration and their inept Democratic opponents) into a broad re-evaluation of the war on terrorism.


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